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Article 2 National Rho Kappa Advisory Council

Section 1:

The oversight of this organization shall be with an Ad Hoc committee of 6
members of the National Council for the Social Studies appointed by the NCSS

Section 2:

The NCSS Executive Director shall be an ex-officio voting member of the
Advisory Council. A staff member from External Relations and Council
Communications should be attendance to advise but not vote.

Section 3:

Each of the six appointed members shall serve a three-year term, renewable

Section 4:

At least three of the appointed members of this body shall be full-time
secondary school teachers with at least 5 years' experience whose primary
teaching responsibilities are in the field of social studies.

Section 5:

The National Rho Kappa Advisory Council shall be an official entity of NCSS
and therefore all regulations, rules, and by-laws concerning representation
and behavior pursuant to such committee will apply.

Section 6:

A Chair of Advisory Council shall be selected by the president in consultation
with the group. The Chair shall serve a one-year term which can be renewable

Section 7:

The Chair of the Advisory Council shall preside at all meetings for this body
and report annually to the Board of Directors of NCSS.

Section 8:

Members of the Advisory Council shall share the powers, duties, and
responsibilities of the council except for those specifically stated
otherwise. These obligations shall include but not be limited to:
disseminating information to local chapters in their regions, encouraging and
stimulating active chapters, and encouraging formation of new chapters, and
serving in full capacity of the organization.

Section 9:

Rho Kappa Advisory Council meeting shall be held once a year at the NCSS
national conference. All other meetings or correspondence are at the
discretion of the members and the Chair of this council.

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